How to compare AI plans

Plans are described in the store (, however, you can compare them using this spreadsheet ( We strongly suggest that you get the app 365 plan ( to see how does it work before choosing an AI plan.

How to get the best price?

The best prices are available to gold and platinum members. More than 95% of the users are members. If you do not wish to become a member you may purchase the plan, app 365 (, which gives access to special plans and pricing which are not visible on the site, furthermore, this plan explains how ...

How to place an order

Watch this 1-minute video ( on how to place an order. copy and paste onto the browser: - Create an account ( with a registered mobile phone number in your name (for existing accounts looking to change their mobile number go to 7.). Watch this 1-minute video - Add item to the cart - Check the box "I Agree with the...

How to subscribe?

Watch this 1-minute video ( It is suggested that you subscribe to the APP 365 plan before proceeding to an AI trading plan. It includes 100% risk-free refund for 7 days. Alternatively, you may contact us ( explaining what you are looking for.

Why I cannot see pricing

Thank you for your contact. 1. We have different pricing for members, professionals, and non-professionals. 2. Not all plans are suitable for everyone. 3. The plan, app 365 (, gives access to special plans and pricing which are not visible on the site, furthermore, this plan explains how the service works. It includes courses and tutorials. Anyone seriously interested in an AI trading plan should enroll in APP 365 first. You will sav...

How to contact sales & support

1. If you are not a paying user, contact sales here ( 2. You might wish to visit the video knowledge base ( searching for tutorials.

Which plan do you suggest?

It is strongly recommended to enroll in the APP 365 plan ( to learn more about how the service works. It comes with a full 7 days refund. Compare the most popular plans here ( Alternatively, you may ask one of our team members which plan does he suggest. Firstly, share with us your profile (

I placed an order but have not received payment instructions

It can happen due to ongoing improvements in the existing platform. The idea is to give you access to the most recent version, therefore your order might be in pending status. You will be notified once it is approved.

Forbidden countries

Intuitive Code does not offer its services to the following countries (