Live AI Forecasts (VOD)

Which assets are covered in AI Forecasts?

AI Forecasts are available as VOD - video on demand - for purchasing in the autonomous trading store (, but also from Alex at a special price as a subscriber as to autonomous onboarding ( AI forecasts are available for stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, earnings season, and ETF's.

How can an AI Forecast help me?

The best answer is that you shall refer to existing verified reviews and interviews demonstrating 4 digit ROI as well as thousands of case studies published during the course of three decades investing in the financial markets. An AI Forecast helps the investor to dramatically accelerate his return on investment in the financial markets often resulting in an unbelievable ROI when it is used together with AI data. These facts are corroborated by actual users. The user has the choice of purchasin...

What kind of return can I expect?

The aim of an AI Forecast is not just the potential profit since official governmental data show that more than 90% of investors lose their money in the markets, it reverses the scenario! Instead of remaining a gambler, you can assume the role of the casino. Refer to the available certified reviews and interviews ( on the website for very small investors, most of them using only 20% of the full available potential. It pretty much depends on your ...

How does AI Forecast work as VOD?

The best is to see it working by installing the free app (

Can I use AI Forecasts to Generate Profits helping me paying for an AI plan?

Sure, you can do it on your own, although it is suggested to purchase autonomous onboarding to get access to a mini-course, plus the best pricing for AI forecasts which help you paying for AI plans for free.