Which courses do you offer

We offer an extensive array of courses. The list is available on the website including the content of each course. We created a course named, investors' education, which explains the different courses available. Notice that some special plans include access to the most valuable and popular courses such as technical analysis for free. Yes, 100% free when purchasing a special bundle. In 2019, the special bundle, AI-assisted trading, which is only available in the APP 365, became the most popul...

Which course do you recommend?

It depends on what you are looking for. The most popular course is AI technical analysis and introduction to algorithm trading. This course is free in special bundles, but it can be purchased separately. Most courses are associated with plans, i.e. we do not sell them since we are not focused on sales. The most affordable course is, How to invest, which is 100% free for members who purchased AI trading plan. Yes, 100% free, despite the fact that came with a 600% return on investment. Read the...

Does a course include actual investing?

Yes, unlike anything else that you are used seeing in the rest of the industry referring to useless and past information. To take full advantage of the course, you shall enroll since inception since lessons are recorded live. Furthermore, the content depends on the aim of the course. It is strongly recommended to listen to what others are saying about the tremendous benefits of joining our courses.